Saturday, October 20, 2007

Do you think this is true?

Or just political scuttlebutt? Benazir to go back to Dubai in a week.

ISLAMABAD: Former premier Benazir Bhutto is expected to return to Dubai in a week or so to 'honour' a commitment that she had made to the Musharraf regime, official sources have claimed.

Bhutto has promised to return to the UAE citing the poor health of her spouse Asif Ali Zardari, or to see her kids there. She would return to Pakistan once President Pervez Musharraf feels the atmosphere is conducive for her to do so, ZEE News quoted sources as saying.

Musharraf had asked Bhutto to delay her return plan till the Supreme Court verdict on his Presidential election, sources said. Bhutto, however, requested the Presidency to provide her with a face-saving scenario by 'honouring' the commitment she had made with the people vis-a-vis her arrival on October 18, sources claimed. Sources said that a top intelligence official held a meeting with Bhutto in Dubai soon after Eid to discuss her return plan.

Bhutto is believed to have assured that she would be going back soon and that there are ample excuses to go back for the time being.