Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gotta Black Magic Woman...

The Queen of Kumbwada kicking it with some of her home boys.

Muslim leaders in Nigeria have accused a tribe led by a woman of using black magic to keep men off its throne. Every man who has become king in Kumbwada has died under mysterious circumstances. The northern tribe has been ruled by queens for the last six generations in stark contrast to the rest of the strongly patriarchal society.

"The fact that any man who assumes the throne dies in a week strongly suggests the use of black magic which Islam absolutely condemns," Aminuddeen Abubakar, a prominent cleric in Kano, the north's main city, said.

But Hadiza Ahmed, said that she would not abdicate and that black magic had nothing to do with her ascent to the throne. She said her father tried to break the spell, which locals say is linked to a mysterious large rock, but within a week he had been struck down by sickness.

Read more about the Queen and her nine year reign here.

And you know what Dinah says..."Balls," said the Queen. "If I had them I'd be King."