Thursday, October 18, 2007

Intifada Principal seeks reinstatement

(h/t Cristy Li/The Religion of Peace)

NYC Intifade Principal seeks reinstatement.

CAIR is cheering her on as she threatens to sue.

And get this - she currently "works in an administrative capacity for the public school system.

New York CAIR yesterday participated in a news conference at City Hall in support of the former Madrassa Principal reinstatement. Debbie Almontaser resigned after a controversy erupted over a T-Shirt with the words Intifada NYC on it. New York City School officials have said today that the former principal will not be rehired.

CAIR supported Debbie Almontaser, has threated to file a law suit against the City of New York and possibly Mayor Bloomberg for allegedly violating her rights by forcing her to resign her position as Principal of the Madrassa.

Almontaser voluntarily resigned her position as the Principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy when the City of New York threatened to close the school down if she did not leave. Almontaser currently works in an administrative position for the public school system.

Controversy continues to surround the Madrassa as radical Imam Talib Abdur Rashid, sits on the Advisory Board of the school. The Imam has served at the Mosque of the Islamc Brotherhood since 1989 the radical Islamic group has been linked to supporting terrorism and devotion to Ahmadinejad Holocaust denials.