Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Islamofascism Awareness Week at UNC-Chapel Hill

Excellent reportage from the Daily Tar Heel: Week Examines Radical Islam (again, you will notice no mention of Islamofascism in the title.)

At an event Monday, Capt. Joel Arends discussed the War on Terror and the enemies that U.S. troops are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those enemies have an agenda that is rooted in radical Islam, he told an audience of about 50 people in Murphey Hall.

Being a roundball fan - I found this interesting.

Arends also has a unique connection to the University.While he was stationed in Baghdad, his unit captured a terrorist who claimed to be a UNC professor, he said."The man questioned went into depth and detail about UNC basketball, players and statistics," Arends said.But Arends said he advised caution when determining the validity of the man's claims. "The power of American culture and Michael Jordan are far-reaching," he said.

No massive demonstrations but it sure looks like massive rationalizations abound in the UNC-CH MSA:

...But some leaders of the Muslim Students Association said they do not believe the events are the best way to tackle the topic."We denounce any sort of radicalism," said Arif Khan, president of MSA. "However, we don't think it is a positive way to bring about dialogue by discussing the negative aspects of a certain group."

But junior Ola Mohamed, who attended, did not agree with Arends' link between Islam and fascism. "Islam is a religion, and fascism is a political movement, so I don't see a connection," she said...

...Khan said it is important to understand that a radical is anyone who takes the religion and individualizes it to serve his or her own interests. "Radicals are a part of every religion, not just Islam."...

(I get so weary of this "radicals are part of every religion" excuse - perhaps, dear child, but Islam is the only one blowing sh*& up!)