Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kimmy gets nervous after that deal in Syria

N Korea builds up guard at nuclear test site.
North Korea has increased security around a site where it conducted a nuclear test last year, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday.

Connecting the dots at the axis of evil. (Bwa-ha-ha)
Last month's airstrike by Israel on a Syrian installation left the rogue regime silent, the U.N. seeking more details and the media tongue-tied. Here's the fact that's missing:

Bush was right about the evil afoot...

Somebody woke up the IAEA.
A U.N. watchdog group is checking reports that Israel destroyed a partially built nuclear reactor in Syria. The International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday it was in contact with Damascus following a report in The New York Times that the target of Israel's Sept. 6 airstrike in northern Syria was a reactor under construction. The agency said it had no information about any undeclared nuclear facility going up in Syria, which has said Israel's air force attacked a disused military building.

But where are the A-rab states? What no outrage? No being offended? No high dudgeon?
Syria made only muted protests, and Arab leaders have remained silent.

What's that tell ya?