Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Last week: First ever terror bomb in the Maldives

This week: Maldive's clean out extremist Mosque.

The Maldives government has moved to tackle the rising threat of Islamist radicalism as 300 troops surrounded and then cleared an illegal mosque that had been accused of fomenting extremism on the paradise islands.

The move came a week after a British honeymoon couple were badly burned in the Maldives's first ever terrorist bomb attack which has threatened to damage the international tourist industry on which the islands' economy depends.

(Unfortunately, it's not the first time the gov't has had to go in and clean out this mosque. They did the same thing just A YEAR AGO)

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Further details of the raid can be found here. (they ended up having to call in the Maldivian Army)

Mosques in the Maldives are all gov't sponsored but the Dhar ul Khair mosque is considered a 'breakaway mosque'. Several breakaway mosques have been formed recently? Why? Because the Maldivian Muslims:

"...boycott government mosques they say are built using revenue derived from alcohol sales to tourists. Often housed in small rooms of private homes, they provide space for small groups of men to recite prayers and discuss religion beyond the supervision of government appointed imams. One such mosque, the Zeeniya Manzil on the capital MalĂ©, was raided on Wednesday and has been closed since, although the police will not confirm it is linked to last Saturday’s explosion.