Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NYU getting Muslim footbaths...

per the NY Post.
I can only wonder, will the Muslim toilets be next?

You can read a fascinating account of this wonderful invention of modern Muslim sanitary hygiene. No wonder they have to wash their feet all the time! They're covered in crap!

All your toilets are belong to us (h/t An American Expat in Southeast Asia.)

The Asian toilet or the Muslim toilet is basically a hole the ground, there is normally a hose hanging down next to the toilet or a tub of water and a pail. You basically stand over the hole and then squat to relieve yourself. While it might sound simple so use, it isn't. Very few Westerners have ever learned to master the "Asian squat" , and the brave one's who have tried this difficult maneuver normally end up losing their balance or hovering above the hole and crapping on the back of their pants. The hose and/or the pail are supposedly meant to used in the manner of a bidet, but it almost always ends horribly wrong with water and faeces ending up being splashed all over the place.

Ewww. Simply ewww.