Sunday, October 21, 2007

NZ Terror arrest: Perp claims it was all just a wind up.

Mommy Moonbat protests the arrests. Dinah wants to call the fashion police on her.

Wind up or no, I hope they wind them up, toss them in the clink and throw away the key.

Anti-terror police have been accused of falling victim to a well-organised hoax designed to ambush a year-long investigation into alleged paramilitary operations around the country.

Self-styled activist Jamie Lockett - one of 17 people arrested as part of nationwide police raids on suspected weapons training camps - is claiming incriminating text and phone messages were sent deliberately to wind up police who had been bugging his phone.

Bush, Clark and Key were possible 'targets' But really, it was all just a joke. Really.

Those arrested are Maori activists and anarchists.... with life coaches!