Friday, October 12, 2007

Prison Justice...

Is rough justice. Reprisals feared.

Prisoner throws boiling oil over dirty bomb terror leader.

A prisoner has been accused of throwing boiling oil over an al Qaida terrorist who planned to murder thousands with dirty bombs.

The 22-year-old inmate is accused of scarring for life Dhiren Barot, who was jailed for life for leading a British-based terrorist cell that plotted bombings across the world.

Barot's lawyer claimed he had the boiling oil thrown over him during the attack in the high security Frankland Prison in County Durham.

The unnamed prisoner faces charges of wounding and assault occasioning actual bodily harm following the incident on July 6.

He will appear in court later this month.

After the alleged attack, which left Barot, 35, with excruciating burns, a news blackout was imposed to protect medical staff from possible attack while he was treated at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary.