Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Que lastima: Spain Forced to Accept Veils in School

Too bad. (h/t Religion of Peace)

The umpteenth battle of the veil in Europe has ended with the victory of Shaima, a seven-year-old Moroccan girl.

The education council of the regional government of Catalonia has forced a state school in Girona to admit the young girl to participate in lessons. The girl, who refused to remove her veil, had been missing school for over a week. The mother, Noama, affirms that the decision to wear the hidjab, the scarf which leaves the face uncovered, is not due to family pressures.

"Shaima did everything alone," she says in one of many interviews, "the child has grown up until last year in Morocco with the paternal grandmother, from whom she took her religious habits."

The woman expressed her satisfaction for the intervention of the regional government, just when Shaimàs father "had decided to send her back to Morocco", so that she could attend school in her country of origin.