Sunday, October 07, 2007

Smells like Islamic teen spirit...

Smelling the rubble at the Red Mosque - that's what the caption said, I swear.

Bluster, threats and exaggerated death tolls Return to the Red Mosque (or should that be the Yellow Mosque as it has been repainted yellow by the Government. Hah-hah.)

The new imam at Islamabad's oldest mosque, the scene of a July "massacre" of up to 1,000 female students by police commandos, yesterday told the first Friday prayer service since the mosque reopened that the building would be repainted red "with our own blood" if necessary.

"It should be painted again red because red is the color of the blood we shed. If the government doesn't do it, we will repaint it with our own blood," said Mr. Ghaffar, who took over the mosque this week under orders of the Pakistani Supreme Court. He said a sprawling girls' seminary adjacent to the mosque, where many if not most of the victims are thought to have died, must be rebuilt.

"There can be no compromise. If our demands are not fulfilled, we cannot guarantee that there will be law and order. There will be protests, unrest and we may have to use our last option," he said — possibly a cryptic reference to threats to unleash "waves of suicide bombers" made by the former chief imam, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, who died in the raid.

This should prove to be interesting.