Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The story of Bilal B.

Make sure your children do not have to live in such a crap...

Freeper Knighthawk has posted this open letter over at Free Republic. It recounts the recent shooting of Bilal B, after he walked into an Amsterdam police station and started stabbing people and the mayhem that has occurred as a result. He also tells you what the newspaper accounts linked at the end do not...

The story starts when the newschannel AT5 was told by sources the perpetrator is a Dutch (white) guy. But after a full day of silence they have to admit it's a Moroccan criminal. The government first claimed it took so long because the man could not be identified because they could not match his fingerprints, but that is a blatant lie.

He was not just a criminal, since the age of 12 he is known as a criminal, also stabbing some one in the head with a screwdriver. His criminal recored is very 'impressive' so to say. In 2003 he is convicted for a big robbey (sic)involving computers and has to serve a 15 month prison term.

There he is visited by a man named Mohammed Bouyeri, who later killed Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh as an act of terrorism, shooting and stabbing him leaving a warning-note to all enemies of islam.

In 2005 he is released and the CID, the Dutch crime intelligence service, warns that Bilal maintains close ties to the
Hofstad group, an islamic terrorist group were Mohammed Bouyeri belongs to, and Samir Azzouz who serves a long prison term for planning terrorist attacks.

The CID warns that the Hofstad group is planning to shoot down an El Al plane at Schiphol. The CID names
Bilal's brother Abdullah
as the main planner of the attack, and they say Bilal is also involved.

The group gets arrested for planning an attack on politicians and the headquarters of the AIVD, the Dutch intelligence service. Bilal, his brother and Azzouz are arrested but released after 2 weeks. Bilal is only heared as a withness. The AIVD keeps monitoring the brothers for their ties to the Hofstad group.

Bilal was staying at a mental institution for schizophrenia were he was released but later readmitted on his own request. He escaped during an escorted trip and then decided to enter the police station to stab at everyone in range.

The government keeps claiming he is mentaly ill, however
Bilal choose the date to do this very well: exactly 2 years after his brother was arrested...

The Dutch government choosed to lie about the background of the attacker, then they claimed they could not identify the man even though of his huge criminal record and his history with the CID and AIVD, then they did everything to stop the Moroccans from rioting, except telling them that if they did they would be arrested. Also the family of the perpetrator was visited and imams and others got mobilized to hug the Moroccan society, while the two stabbed police officers were not even mentioned!

So riots broke out, a police station was under seige and vandalized and private property was damaged. Also 2 reporters were attacked. And guess what? No one got arrested...

Yes, we surrendered to islamic terrorism and criminals. The multicultural society at it's best people. So are you also willing to have your country wrecked by islamic thugs like this? Who riot like in the Netherlands or France, while your government appeases them and at the same time disallows you any self-defence?

Make sure your children do not have to live in such a crap...

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For additional information about Bilal B and the situation on the ground there in the Netherlands head over to Klein Verzet's Suicide Attack in Amsterdam. Excellent reportage to be found there, including the somewhat startling revelation that Bilal B's sister is a judge in the Netherlands! And he was hollering something in Arabic as he went on his killing spree. Allah Ackbar, perhaps?