Saturday, October 06, 2007

Throw the Citroen on the barbie...

They're at it again in France.

Dozens of youths attacked a police station in a town in eastern France, prompting Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie to travel to the scene of unrest.

It was not clear what had sparked the unrest, which revived memories of riots in France's depressed, multi-ethnic suburbs in 2005, the worst in mainland France for 40 years.

Yves Guillot, the head of the Haute-Marne regional government, said between 40 and 50 masked youths used metal bars to smash a firefighters' vehicle and a police car dispatched to a shopping mall in Saint-Dizier. The youths then fanned out across the town of 30,000 inhabitants, setting fire to two buildings, a car rental office and 16 vehicles. Police reinforcements were sent in to quell the violence.

Mayor Francois Cornut-Gentille said: "We are trying to understand what happened. We have had clashes in our town but not on this scale."

Let me help you "understand what happened", Mayor.

ISLAM happened.