Monday, October 08, 2007

The Top 101 Media Frauds

This is quite rich. From the American Thinker: The Top 101 Media Frauds. (Bonus: And it's worth your time so go skim the comments regarding the subject at LGF)

Did you know that Time magazine and other news organizations had a Vietnamese communist on full-time staff in Vietnam during that war? Do you remember that ABC, CBS and NBC have all rigged cars or trucks with explosives or other devices to make them look dangerous on TV, or that Consumer Reports lied about the Suzuki Samurai enough to put it out of business? Do you know that multiple "veterans" of the Viet Nam and Iraq wars who told of atrocities there were never even in the military? Did you realize reputable news organizations such as the Boston Globe and Reuters cannot tell the difference between a real soldier and a toy doll, commercial pornography and soldiers committing rape, a burning tire dump and a bombed building, a fired and an unfired rifle round, or footage of the North Pole and a clip from the movie Titanic?

P.S. Dinah's grocery hauler is a cherry 1987 Suzuki Samurai and SHE didn't know about the reports that lied enough about it to put it out of business. It's a great little city vehicle for anyplace you don't need to go above 50 mph. But, watch those fast, braking stops. It'll hop on you!