Wednesday, October 10, 2007

US disrupting Iranian Satellites...

Preventing us from seeing Iranian Press TV???

The US is disrupting signals from the Iranian satellite news channel Press TV to prevent Americans from watching its programs. The United States and Western countries deny their people the right to see an unbiased picture of the world and become familiar with other cultures, an informed source told IRNA.

The source added that the move to intercept the satellite signals of Press TV in the United States indicates the weakness of US administration and its fears of facing the world realities.

Earlier, US troops in Afghanistan had arrested and tortured Faez Khurshid, a Press TV correspondent, in Kabul. He was released after an 18-hour ordeal.

(Alas, he wasn't wearing his Don't Taze Me Bro t-shirt)

Funny, I don't seem to have any problem accessing their website. And it looks like you can watch Press TV there should you so desire.