Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Veils or bombs: School daze in Pakistan

You see all the useful idiotas trying to disrupt Islamofascism Awareness week and then you see this... Girls avoid schools as deadline expires.

The attendance girls' schools in a town in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province dropped drastically on Monday after a deadline set by local militants ended on Sunday. They had made it ‘mandatory’ for girls to wear the burqa or full veil to school.

The Pakistani daily Dawn contacted some of the students who said they belonged to poor families and did not have enough money to buy or sew burqas, which cost between 600 and 800 rupees (about 9-13 US dollars) a piece. They said that under the circumstances, the only option they had was to abandon their education.

Local militants, who call themselves ‘Janbaz Taliban’, have been sending letters to educational institutions for girls, including the Girls’ Degree College in Dargai, about 100 kilometres north of the provincial capital Peshawar.

The letters warn the school and college administrations to direct their students to completely cover themselves by wearing the traditional head-to-toe burqa.

They had stated that institutions whose students failed to follow their ‘orders’, would be blown up.

The radicals had also ‘directed’ girls to avoid sitting in the front portions of vehicles with drivers while coming and going from schools or colleges.