Saturday, November 03, 2007

Geez, take a few days off and come back to find the lid blown off the joint.

No, I'm not talking about the LGF/Pamela schism and the resulting hubbub over at Brussels Journal. Although that is pretty big! I'm talking about the situation on the ground in Pakistan, of course.

Benazir reaches Karachi; ponders next move. This after, she almost cancelled her trip to Dubai because she feared that Musharraf would declare a SOE in her absence. Listen to your inner voice, Madame. Dawn now reports she has been safely escorted to the Bilawal House.

Pakistan's UN Rep, Ahmad Raza Kazuri hails the imposition of emergency law (and makes me think of the US Ninth Circuit court) by saying this:

“President Gen, Pervez Musharraf was exercising restraint all through the last six months because he was keen and honest to usher in complete civilian democracy in the country, but forces hostile to democracy and those who were planning to destabilize the country were active in placing impediments and obstacles in the culmination of a democratic order,” he said in a statement.

Kasuri said judicial activism was a welcome development, but such a course without judicial restraint could be fatal for the stability of the country. The courts, he said, have a bounded responsibility towards the stability of the state, and any instability caused by judicial activism could result in serious consequences.

“The president has taken this initiative in the interest of the country, good governance and to tackle the growing acts of terrorism in the country,” Kasuri added.

Condoleeza Rice condemns it. (and makes me wish she had gone to the NFL)

I found this tidbit interesting: Musharraf turns down US offer of troops to assist in the operations in Swat (this was apparently before he went all martial law on us). This as one of the bad actors in the region consolidates his power, Maulana Fazlullah sets three conditions for talks. They are as follows: Imposition of sharia law in the region, withdrawal of all security forces in the region, and the dropping of charges against all of his followers. Almost lost in all the shuffle was a mysterious drone attack (IIRC - drones are not part of the Paki army's arsenal - they are part of the CIA's however) of one of OBL's buddies madrassa. Que lastima!

Other local sources said at least 10 militants were killed and 11 others wounded in the blast. Two foreigners - usually associated with Al Qaeda in the tribal regions - were among the dead, they said, quoting injured rebels.They said the house was used as a training camp by insurgents loyal to Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of Pakistan-based Taliban militants who have been blamed for a string of suicide attacks that have killed 400 people since July.The identity of the victims was not immediately known.

More on the situation on the ground and details of Admiral Fallon's trip from ABC reporter here. Stay tuned, possums - Musharraf is currently set to address the Pakistan nation at 1800 GMT.