Saturday, November 03, 2007

King and Queen of Spain stir ire with visit

Man, the Monarchs sure are mixing it up this week. Not only do we have Abdullah at the Vatican, we have Spanish Royals taking their act on the road to Spanish enclaves in Morocco and people aren't happy. (You get three guesses who isn't happy with the situation - and the first two don't count.)

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia will make their first visit ever to two Spanish enclaves in North Africa that are claimed by Morocco, the royal palace said Friday.

Morocco said it was astonished by the plans for the royal trip next week to Ceuta and Melilla and hoped it will be called off.

Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi, speaking on behalf of Morocco's King Mohammed VI, expressed "astonishment" over the visits to the "de-spoiled" cities, the official Moroccan news agency MAP said.

Fassi only learned of the visit through Spanish media and expressed "deep regret" and said it could affect the "privileged relationship between the two friendly countries and hopes it will be abandoned," MAP said, citing a statement from the prime minister's office.

Morocco has recalled it's ambassador over the incident.

Meanwhile, in other Spanish news: Five of those found guilty in Madrid bombings will have to be released from custody shortly. They're also staging a hunger strike as a means to protest their sentences and put additional pressure on Spanish authorities.