Saturday, November 03, 2007

Things we have to look forward to next week...

Oy vey! Will San Fran Nan cave and throw some red meat to her base? Will impeachment be back on the table? Could be! Dennis the Menace is forcing a vote to the floor on Tuesday. Read all about The Impeachment of Dick Cheney courtesy of Dennis Kucinich and the daffy Dems. (h/t Michelle Malkin -she's calling it Impeach-a-looza)

Order in the court! Chuck Schumer Bucks Democrats, backs Mukasey. Say that fast three times, possums. Anywho, Chuckie's bucking means that Mukasey's nomination should move out of committee on Tuesday. Will it go out with a bang or a whimper?

Forgive me Father, I have sinned! Hot on the heels of his London visit, (the first by a Saudi king in two decades) King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia will arrive in Italy on Tuesday for a historic visit at the Vatican. It's the first ever between a pope and a Saudi monarch. Will the Pope start putting the hammer down about some religious reciprocity, for crying out loud? King Abdullah can pray in Eurabia's largest mosque in Rome. The Pope couldn't find a broom closet in Riyadh to pray in. Sorry there, Pope. Islam only in Saudi Arabia.

Voila! Nicolas Sarkozy is heading to Washington this Wednesday to solidify relations strained by the
"rift caused by Iraq". Ah, the French! You know things in Iraq are on their way to VI (Victory in Iraq) Day when the French are sniffing around again in earnest.

Arrh, Mateys! On Wednesday the Senate Foreign Relations voted LOST out of committee by a vote of 17-4. This means LOST is on a fast track to the senate floor. If you aren't aware of this travesty, make that POS - yet, please
get aware. Time for all hands on deck to contact your senators and make your opinion known. A blast fax can be found here.

I do declare! I love Duncan Hunter and I really love it when he does things like this. Hopefully we see more of this side of DH in November. He is truly a National Treasure IMO, if for no other reason than they way he can get the Dhimwits all up in a dither snit. Make sure you peruse the comments at the link to get a big whiff of the BDS. HUNTER RECOMMENDS WAR VETERANS REPLACE STATE DEPT PERSONNEL. (Oh, and did I say that DH is against LOST? He is. Always was, too. Vote DH.)

Pass the popcorn! The Prophet's (pantloads be upon him) little myrmidon cyber Jihadis have declared November Electronic Infitada month according to Dr. Rusty over at the Jawa Report. Look for plenty of quality islamopwnage in the month to come!