Saturday, January 19, 2008

Linkin' Log

Fulham Reactionary Discusses the recent Orwellian spin taken by the UK government to redefine Islamic terror as anti-Islamic terror. The mind reels at this one.

Citizen Warrior calls a spade a spade here.
How many of the Worlds Conflicts involve Muslims? The numbers tell the story. Own it, Moslems! The direct correlation between your so-called Religion of Peace and the world's violent conflicts, terrorism attacks, and state sponsors of terror can no longer be denied. (You're going to want to bookmark this one!)
Islam in Europe tees off on the frenzy whipping up in the Netherlands about Geert Wilders film about Islam. Rumors are circulating that Wilder's tears up a Koran and it looks like things are starting to heat up. According to PM Jan Peter Balkenende, there's "no reason to panic". (Unless you listen to the Moslems themselves, that is. They're saying that the backlash to the film will make the Danish Motoons "look like a picnic".) Read it all. It's definitely worth the click!

Hard To Swallow gets hacked by some crack smoking Arab Jihadis so he turns his tanka on the Internet Jihadi and why it's important that they be stopped.