Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mohammed Cookies - no cookies for you!

Censored! Submit Dhimmis -or this is the way the Mohammed cookie crumbles.

A national television network has decided to censor an episode of a new political show featuring self-described Christian "infidels" eating a cookie emblazoned with an image of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Faith TV made the decision in the wake of WND news coverage about "Flamethrower," a cutting-edge program whose latest episode originally scheduled for this week deals with "All Things Islam."

"We're not going to air it," said Jim West, president of the Florida-based, Christian network. "We feel this program just goes beyond the bounds of good taste."

"We appreciate the producer's attempt at parody and drawing attention to controversial subjects, and we embrace his right under the First Amendment to express his views," he added. "But it does violate one of our programming philosophy tenets which is not to disparage any world religions."

It does not violate tenets or standards here at Dinah Lord. Cookie eating vid can be seen here. Eaten by a "Christian" infidel ... Blasphemous...This cookie is the bomb...