Monday, January 07, 2008

UK Mayor sets off row with remarks

Guess who's seething? Well, if you guessed Muslims - you guessed right!

A Tory town council mayor has sparked an outcry after saying Muslims "cause mayhem with explosives".

Tory Mirfield mayor Robert Bennett made the remarks in an email to the town council clerk...The email, passed to the Yorkshire Evening Post, follows a request by the Huddersfield-based Ahmidiyya Muslim Association to appear before the town council to ask for funding.

Part of his email response to the request, says:

"I am aware Islamic organisations are keen to promote a view that they are peaceful, forward thinking individuals who wish to integrate into the British way of life. The policy of clothing the feminine population of Dewsbury in black sack-like clothing from head to toe, the occasional trip out to cause mayhem with explosives and the proposal that all those of homosexual persuasion should be killed by shooting or other means is adequate and practical testimony to the level of progress being made in this direction."

He goes on: "I, for one, am not prepared to spend the time on something that can be dealt with elsewhere... We have enough non-religious problems to address in Mirfield at this time without adding a religious dimension to our discussions."

I thought this remark by Councilor Keith Sibbald, Dewsbury Tory constistuency chairman to be very revealing: "You cannot say things like that."

Not because it wasn't true - just that you can't say it because it's not PC.
No one was available to comment from the Ahmidiyya Muslim Association. Perhaps they were too busy cleaning up their unsanitary kitchen facilities.

Or getting banned in Indonesia. (h/t TheReligion of Peace.)