Sunday, February 24, 2008

Watching Pakistan and the Oscars

UK Media buzzing with rumors that Musharraf's days are numbered. The Three Mosqueteers - Kerry, Biden and Hagel are advocating his quick demise, Musharraf denies it. Perhaps the three stooges might want to save their sage advice for Sister Clinton. Who, truth be told, put on a helluva show tonight in Rhode Island (thank you, Hot Air)

The PPP aren't even officially in power yet and already they are taking it on themselves to apologize to an aboriginal tribe. This time it's Balochistan. Next up....the Taliban. They're already making noises. And demands are made for the release of "all political prisoners". Hearing things like "maximum autonomy to be guaranteed to all provinces" and you can bet money the Pakistani liberals are going to be folding like a lawn chair.

I'm wondering, if Obama gets in will we have to listen to an apology to the Shoshone? The slaves? The Cubans? The Iranians? The Mexicans? Stand in line and wait your turn, grievance grifters. I have a feeling it's going to one, big long, apologia tour. (I swear to God watching the Oscars has put me in a very uncharitable mood - I think it was the sight of that old chorine, Julie Christie sporting an orange ribbon courtesy of the ACLU, mewling and puling about the horrors of Gitmo and how it must (!) be closed down. Now watch her win...feh. Too bad, so sad - she didn't. We were spared that at least.)

Another thing we can look forward to when Obama gets into office: a return to treating acts of terror as a criminal matter, not an act of war. Like Pakistani Hamid Nawaz, he will issue a sweeping declaration like this: "The menace of terrorism and extremism is on the verge of elimination as law enforcement agencies have apprehended about 122 potential suicide bombers so far".

So far, the Oscars have been relatively politics free. Thank God. Oops! Spoke too soon, I think. Here comes Tom Hawks with some weird soldier tribute. The soldiers are announcing the nominees for Best Documentary Short Subject. and and the crowd is silent, no applause, no shouts of hoorah. You can tell they are soooo uncomfortable. At least two cute babes have won. Don't have a clue who they are - oh boy. It's about a lesbian soldier who fought against discrimination. Oh, NOW, they're applauding.

Now it's onto the Best Documentary Feature, all anti US in nature. Sickening. Who will win? Taxi to the Dark Side. I think I will walk the dog during their acceptance speech if you don't mind. Back from that. The Big Man says the guy made a big speech and got no applause. I guess everyone in the audience was pulling for Castro and Michael Moore.

Best screenplay: Ugh. Liberal neuroses on display. Diablo Cody, in a shaky voice..." I want to thank my family for loving me exactly the way I am." We won't go there, tonight, dear. Speaking of the devil/diablo though:
Security agencies arrest Mullah Obaidullah again. He was in Lahore raising $ for the taliban.

Oh, and all you naysayers going on and on about Pakistani election fraud and poll violence. Put this in your pipe and smoke it. The Human Rights Society of Pakistan has issued a congratulatory message to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) "for conducting fair, free, transparent and peaceful elections.

Elections which were considered "encouraging" as far as the participation of women. I guess that depends what your definition of encouraging would be. In the Islamist controlled portions of the country women still got screwed out of their vote.

The Oscars have been such a dud this year. The only thing the Lord and Master has perked up about was watching the tribute to those who have passed. Speaking of... in Pakistan pirated copies of Benazir Bhutto's recently published book are
"selling like hotcakes".

The Motoons have reached the grade school in Pakistan as school-going children stage anti-blasphemy protest. (Helen Mirren's dress looked so-so on the red carpet but those diamante sleeves just pop on the stage. You go, girl!) She's announcing the Best Actor.
Will there be blood? In Pakistan, Khyber Agency political authorities have set a deadline of February 26 for the Malik Din Khel tribe to recover
the missing Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan, Tariq Azizudin.

Daniel Day Lewis wins for "There Will Be Blood" and gives a very heartfelt thank you speech. Class Act. Not so much Imran Khan, political party chairman, philanthropist, sportsman who is siding with the trial lawyers and already boycotting the next election.

The Coen brothers are up to receive Best Director with some weird ultra hip Dr. Henry Kissinger riff. I look at them and wonder just what kind of world they live in. "No Country for Old Men" wins again. I'm going to fix another drink while they thank their world.

Not a word from the ultralibs at the Oscars about the Pakistanis TOTAL censorship of for BLASPHEMOUS CONTENT (rumored to be the trailer from Geert Wilder's FITNA - I know a trailer for a 10 minute movie?). Que lastima.

Oh! They're over. That's the best thing I've heard all night.