Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barack and his church...all the old white women - under the bus!

That speech yesterday was pretty shameful. And IMO very revealing.

There was so much material there, I could spend a day fisking it - alas, Dinah's a busy girl and she has a jihad to fight and her NCAA brackets to fill! Here are some random thoughts.

I was surprised that moral equivalency was going to be the order of the day, although I should have seen it coming from a mile away. He seemed subdued and flat. And for someone who's oration skills recieves raves, I found this speech uninspiring and dull as dishwater. Reading it off the teleprompter didn't exactly help and I questioned the choice of venue...but onto the show.

Could they have fit one more flag on the dais behind him? For someone who refuses to put his hand over his heart during the anthem or wear a flag pin as a display of his patriotism, he had no problem wrapping himself up in it yesterday.

And he sure was throwing all the old white women under the bus, wasn't he? Holding Geraldine Ferraro with her one stupid remark up as an example of white racism to offset the Rev Wright's 20+ years of bigotry and anti-Americanism seemed like a lame, political jab to me.

And Grandma got a big shove, too. I was struck how resentful Obama sounded when he talked about his white Granny's 'many sacrifices' for him and her alleged racist remarks. I heard the tone of his voice and said to myself - uh-oh. There's trouble there. I can see how that type of remark heard by a young boy who's father had taken off, whose mother had taken him from awesome Hawaii and dumped him in Kansas with his whitefolk relatives could have inflicted a deep hurt and judging from the sound of his voice, it did. And still does.

He sounded amazingly conflicted about his multi-racial heritage, too. That surprised me.

He tried to hide it but you couldn't help but hear the bitterness in his words.

And for someone stumping for a 'post-racial' society, he sure still seems to be carrying around a lot of baggage from the 1860's.


I think Obama is still a pretty troubled soul. Perhaps he should consult his minister? What? Oh, that's right he already has.

P.S. Did you ever wonder where Michelle Obama has gone to church her whole life?

I'm betting it was Trinity United.