Thursday, March 20, 2008

China: Muslim women hijackers from Pakistan and Central Asia.

Ruh-roh 2.

Remember those Muslim women who tried to hijack a Chinese flight?

Militants who tried to attack a Chinese flight this month allegedly came from Pakistan and Central Asia, sources said on Thursday.

Chinese officials say a flight from the Muslim region Xinjiang to Beijing on March 7 landed in Lanzhou after a foiled assault.

“An investigation found that the attempt to cause an air disaster ... was a grave act of sabotage instigated and conducted by Eastern Turkestan separatists from abroad,” Communist Party Chief of Xinjiang province Wang Lequan told the state-run Xinhua news agency.

One source told Reuters the chief suspects are a man and a woman, both suspected Pakistanis. “They were carrying Pakistani passports,” the source said.

The woman hid in the toilet and attempted to light a flammable liquid smuggled on board.

She aroused the suspicions of crew and passengers when she emerged to pick up a second can. Party chief Wang said that suspects had already confessed and a third Pakistani mastermind remained at large.