Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hijab and living in an upside down world...

From BBC's White Girl - a manifestation of the liberal, multi-culti, white guilt culture
that I swear is going to be the end of us.
(Okay, that girl looks like one of those kids in the Village of the Damned.)

Intellectual terrorism on the one hand, reading for a PhD in the disappearance of the British identity on the other.

Things you read that make you go...hmmm.

Arabs campaign for women to take off the veil.

A group of Arabic websites and blogs have launched an international campaign against the Muslim headscarf (hijab), arguing the move is a response to what they see as “intellectual terrorism” practiced by strict Islamic groups and individuals.

Escape white culture - put on the jihab.

The BBC’s White Girl was stuffed with prejudices about the scum of the earth (white working-class families) and the salt of the earth (Muslims).

The author, Alka Seghal, who is "reading for a PhD in the disappearance of the British identity surmises" the following:

" struck me that White Girl had very little to do with Muslim religion or culture; rather, the main characters express both a yearning for what are often dismissed as old-fashioned values (as represented in the Muslim family) combined with a belief that such values cannot be readily found in ordinary white working-class families (as represented by Leah and her dysfunctional parents). Thus, the sought-after values of British society tend to be transposed on to a ‘different’ group of people these days."

Yep, I was so encouraged to see the first story.

Then I saw the second one.


Living in a world gone mad.