Friday, March 21, 2008

How do you take your coffee?

Feeling good on Good Friday morning so let's have a kaffe klatsch, shall we?

Make your first stop Wolf Howling for some linkage strudel to enjoy with your coffee. If you make it all the way through the Watcher's Council links he has posted for you there, you can move on to read fine pieces on fighting the suicide ideology cult and a look at the MSM's evolving view of Obama.

Ready for another cup of coffee? Hang on. I'll get it. You read this about the Danish situation over at SIOE. It's an up close and personal accounting of the Stop Islamization of Europe demos. Great pics and you'll feel like you were there.

C'mon. Just one more. You have to try this. It's piping hot Kokosbrood and it comes all the way from Holland. Report on Arrakis made a special trip. You can't say no. You know you want to know how desperate the anti Fitna crowd is becoming over there in the Netherlands. Just a little piece. There. Wasn't that good?

Stuffed, my paunchy possums? Can't possibly eat another bite?

Well, then, take these 6 cylinder chocolate covered donuts TO GO and head on over to Nuggets: News the MSM won't report for a discussion of your grocery hauler and then help Janice decide what to do about her ride. While you're there check out the report of creeping Sharia finance in sounds like we're looking at Holy Toledo with all the Moslem activity there.

Oh my. Look at the time - we didn't even get to the knishes. Good thing you can go over to the Gathering Storm Radio Show and listen to Sultan Knish at 12noon PST (or anytime thanks to the miracle of the interwebs.) If you listen live you can also join their online chat which is mondo fun.

Thanks for coming!