Friday, March 14, 2008

I know Jeremiah Wright has "retired" from Obama's church

Funny. There's no mention of it over at the church's website in the section on Ministers.

And he's still listed as SENIOR PASTOR in the church's March bulletin. Although his Retirement Celebration Package (whatever that is) is now on sale at the church bookstore.

And I found this interesting little tidbit in the bulletin as well.

We gather today, a week after we saluted our Liberating Legend, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Men and women from around the world gathered in the church to honor our Senior Pastor. Dr. Wright’s love for God and God’s people has led to a dramatic paradigm shift in theology and ministry. The street and the academy are now in dialogue because of his ministry and commitment to the ideas of holistic liberation.

Today, Beloved,we continue to honor our Senior Pastor through an African ritual of honoring our elders. You will notice the pulpit is draped in African cloth, the lecterns, altar and the main pulpit lectern, along with the pastor’s chair. These areas are covered because the words and rituals of the sacred were practiced behind, before and in these physical spaces.

During the Pastor’s Word, all of the pulpit chairs will be removed except the center chair. No one, including Pastor Moss, will sit in the pulpit! We honor this space where our Senior Pastor provided ministry, encouragement and prophetic speech to the people of God. Our pastors and deacons willonly enter the pulpit to pray, read Scripture, preach or perform the Call to Worship.

We honor this sacred space and, for the next three months, this space will be designated “honored ground.” The ministers will wear robes and African attire at least three times a month to show our collective respect for the work of our Senior Pastor. Our deacons will wear their stoles, black suits and African attire to honor the work of our Senior Pastor and keep before us the sacred nature of our work. I ask you to join me as we honor our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A Wright, Jr.

Retirement or just hiding in the bushes until Obama gets elected?

Bonus: The church's "Action Items" include boycotting Walmart and Sam's Club.