Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's that time of the year again...

Happy Birthday to me.

Hah-hah. Can you believe another whole year has gone by already, possums? Kinda scary.

I was going to post a long reflection on my reflection of this past year of blogging but have decided to spare you that agony.

Suffice to say that I have been teetering on the blog brink for some time now. Yep. Been thinking about throwing in the towel and just quitting cold turkey. But, I swear it's like crack to me - I can't seem to quit it.

I tried taking a day or two, off. That helped for - about a minute.

Then I thought - maybe if I played around with the template a little bit and got a new, fresh look, I might get a new and better attitude. This thinking was going on around the same time that the Obama Pastor Disaster business broke and before I knew it - Obama was sucking all the air out of my anti-jihad room. So I started fiddling with a new template and filled it with observations about Obama just for kicks.

You know what happened. Now, I have two blogs that I can't seem to quit.

If you have any interest in little known Obama fun facts and messianic utterances - you can find the blog that saved Dinah Lord here.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of my dear readers. I know you're out there! And I'd also like to apologize because I just discovered that I haven't been getting any comment notification!

Who knew?

I have no idea how long it's been - so to all of those who have commented and then thought, "bitch" because I didn't reply. I am truly sorry for missing your well-considered remarks!

(And I will be probably messing around with the DL template in future.)

Taking the rest of the day off to watch the NCAA (my brackets are bad) and then take a spin around the hood in my b-day present.
(metallic red)