Friday, March 14, 2008

Just to warm you up before Obama takes to the airwaves

Let's do a little reconnoitering of the Moonbat Blogsphere while we await the Obama tour de force tonight, shall we?

We have this from Donklephant (and this one makes me hoot!): Let’s Show Some Grace in the Obama Pastor Case

IMAO advises us that it has finally made the front page of the Daily Kos. The Koslims are spinning like crazy thinking that Jeremiah Wright could end up helping Obama inasmuch as it will debunk the 'closet muslim' slurs. Unh-huh.

Media Matters accuses the author of today's WSJ op-ed article on the subject of Obama's minister of the dreaded...truncating.

The Gay Socialite is just ga-ga at the thought of Obama's minister thinking that the government created HIV as a strategery of genocide. Barack Obama's preacher says gov't created HIV to kill blacks.

Over at the Talking Points Memo they are offering up a Modest Snarkposal and lamenting that this whole thing could have been avoided so easily if Wright was the slightest bit media savvy..."
-end- (thanking God)