Saturday, March 15, 2008

Latina Converts look for answers in Islam

If nothing else you read here tonight curls the hair on the back of your neck, this will.

Your first clue to what lies ahead should be all of the quotes and statistics from those paragons of veracity and unindicted co-conspirators CAIR and friends, the American Muslim Council, being tossed about with such authority. So may I reply authoritatively reply right back...

Hijole!! Como se dice "dumb bitches'?

The American Muslim Council, based in Chicago, estimates that there are more than 200,000 Latino Muslims in the United States. Women make up 60 percent of conversions to Islam, according to experts.
"Some of them really have doubt about the Trinity," a central belief in Catholicism that says God exists in three beings, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; said Chernor Sa'ad Jallah, assistant Imam at the Islamic Cultural Center, in East Harlem, the largest mosque in New York City. "They find it really confusing,"

Okay, this piece of golden taquiyah turd from Ibrahim the Hoople made me lol. Stop it, Ibby. Right now. I mean it:

When it comes to assimilating to a new faith, Islam appeals to Catholic Latinas for several reasons. "There are many similarities between Catholicism and Islam," said Ibrahim Hooper, Communications Director and spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, based in Washington, D.C. "Both have principles that need to be followed, regarding how you conduct yourself as person, how you operate in a community." Others find a new religion to be an escape from the confines of machismo, or chauvinism.

He is freaking kidding me with that "escape from the confines of machismo, or chauvinism" bs, right?

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