Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama pays tribute to his pastor and warns of quiet riot among blacks

Do you think anybody'd notice if I slipped out for a quick smoke?

(tip of the chic cloche to Rose of Sharon)

At the above link you will find a 2007 clip of a speech Obama gave to the 93rd Annual Ministers’ Conference and 73rd Annual Choir Directors’ and Organists’ Guild at University's Convocation Center in Richmond Va.

First, you will note his "sothrun speak". Like Hillary, he talks blacker when black people are around I guess.

Second, you will see him make the sly comment that he generally avoids speaking at ministerial events because it "makes all the politicians look pale and ...uninspiring in comparison." You will hear the audience's knowing chuckle - they appear to get the point of his superior blackness versus the pale and insipid white honkeys.

Third, you will hear his glowing tribute to his pastor. The one he disagreed with to the tune of $22,500 last year:

"a special shout out to my pastor the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me. hes a friend and a great leader ....where he at? they he is?"

He then jokes about whether or not the good Reverend was wearing a suit - as opposed to his usual dashing dashiki, I guess.

He started going off on a pregnant woman whose baby was born with a bullet in it's arm so I couldn't bring myself to listen to the whole thing and missed the part about the Quiet Riot. You will note in the accompanying article that he blames it all on the evil Simon Lagree in the Oval office, George Boooosh. Of course.

I don't know you make the call - does it look to you like Obama REALLY disagrees with his pastor - excuse me, make that former pastor, Jeremiah Wright?