Friday, March 28, 2008

Post Prayer Roundup - Get the seethers in a circle, Pilgrims.

Post Prayer Roundup.

Dutch Film angers Iran and Indonesia: Wah! Poor babies!

Iran called the film heinous, blasphemous and anti-Islamic and called on European governments to block any further showing.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation and a former Dutch colony, also condemned the film.

"We are of the view that the film has a racist flavor and is an insult to Islam, hidden under the cover of freedom of expression," a Foreign Ministry spokesman said. "We call on Indonesian people not to be incited."

The Pakistanis, God bless 'em, can always be counted on to throw a good Fitna.

Hundreds of people in the Pakistani cities of Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar staged angry protests on Friday against the anti-Koran film 'Fitna'.

And Dhimmi Dhutch PM Balkenende has not only received an angry missive from the Pakistani government, the Dutch Ambassador to Pakistan was summarily called up and given an earful. He bowed and scraped and pulled his forelock before telling his Moslem overlords that a 'criminal investigation' against Mr. Wilders would be instituted. The Pakistani government was then kind enough to provide a charge for them to indict him on.

Referring to Foreign Secretary’s earlier meeting with the Dutch Ambassador on the subject, the Additional Secretary stated that it was incumbent upon the Dutch Government to take all necessary measures in order to minimize the impact of the incident and to prosecute Geert Wilder for defamation and deliberately hurting Muslims’ sentiments. The Additional Secretary underlined that Article 137 of the Dutch penal code prohibits defamation and incitement to hatred.

Okay - is there anybody out there that isn't going to sue Geert at this point? The Moslems, The moonbats, the Moroccan-Dutch rapper, the Pakistanis and now Kurt Westergaard , one of the Motoon cartoonists? (This time for copyright infringement.) Ai-yi-yi.
Kurt Westergaard claims Geert Wilders breached copyright law by including his drawing of Islam's prophet wearing a turban shaped like a bomb in a 15-minute film uploaded to the internet yesterday.

Outrage is being expressed at all four corners of the globe... Ban-Ki Moon condemned Fitna and Geert Wilders in the strongest terms, Bangladesh warned of dire consequences, the Organization of Islamic Countries considered the screening to be a calculated insult" to the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. Morocco's Communication Minister called Wilders, retarded. Someone go wake up the European Muslims in Potsdam, Germany. They're ticked off more about the theatre production of Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses' held there. Holy Crow - there's even another lawsuit being threatened - this time a Jordanian media coalition!

Even the EuroMed states are getting into the condemnation act. I know, who? The EuroMed states is an organization of parliamentary presidents from 37 member states forming the Euro- Mediterranean Partnership and includes Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia. (Unh-huh.) They chime in with this:

"We condemn the widespread confusion between terrorism and Islam,"

Oh, there's no confusion - and that's the problem. It's all Islam, all the time. No confusion there - you guys are just too lame to admit it - either that or you secretly sympathize with the terrorists. Which is it?

The MSM continues it's "Move along folks. Nothing to see here" philosophy when dealing with radical Islam. Check out these headlines...

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