Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

Calais riot police break up vicious battle between 'armed migrants' and people smugglers.

When riot police arrived at the scene most of the mob had fled to a nearby wood known as "The Jungle" where many of the hundreds of migrants to be found in Calais every day live in makeshift camps.

The incident is thought to be linked to the vast sums of money paid to smugglers.

The four men tried to seek refuge in the clubhouse of the Calais dog club. Bruno Laurent, the club president, said: "It was just after 5pm on Thursday evening when four migrants came running into our HQ.

"They were followed by a gang of between 40 and 50 other migrants who were all brandishing iron bars, batons and knives.

"A fight broke out in front of us. It went on for anything up to six minutes.

"At the end of it all four men were lying in pools of blood with wounds, and then another stabbed man was found outside."

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