Monday, March 17, 2008

Well this sucks.

The term "special relationship" is no longer to be used to describe Anglo-American relations according to the government of Gordon Brown.

Per Tim Montgomerie of CentreRight:

Quite a sad piece in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph about the decline in the special relationship between Britain and America.

The term "special relationship" is no longer in use at Britain's Washington Embassy. One British diplomat told Sunday Telegraph journalist Tim Shipman that the term wasn't much of a career enhancer.

The new British Ambassador to the USA "frowns on the phrase". Meanwhile Gordon Brown hasn't had dinner with America's Ambassador to Britain since becoming Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown (
who hasn't spoken regularly to George W Bush) prefers to work with EU allies rather than focus on the transatlantic relationship.

The world is a safer, stronger place when Britain and America are close. It will be a terrible tragedy if Brown's lack of interest in foreign affairs undermines important historical ties.