Thursday, April 17, 2008

Senate Dems block resolution honoring Pope

Clinging to their religion of being jerks...

A reliable GOP aide informs Townhall that Senate Democrats are blocking a measure to commend Pope Benedict XVI because of “controversial” religious language used in the text of the resolution.

The Pope arrived in Washington Wednesday for a six-day visit to the United States. He delivered an address on the White House South Lawn that morning to praise the America for preserving religious freedom at home and abroad.

The Senate has so far refrained from passing a similar resolution because at least one Senate Democrat is objecting to the following statements contained in the Senate’s resolution to welcome the Pope:

"Whereas Pope Benedict XVI has spoken approvingly of the vibrance of religious faith in the United States, a faith nourished by a constitutional commitment to religious liberty that neither attempts to strip our public spaces of religious expression nor denies the ultimate source of our rights and liberties"

"Whereas Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out for the weak and vulnerable, witnessing to the value of each and every human life;"

The Senate resolution has bipartisan sponsorship. Republican Sen. Sam Brownback (R.-Kans.) introduced the resolution on April 15. It is cosponsored by Democratic Sen. Bob Casey (Pa.). Both senators are Catholic.

The was offered for passage by unanimous consent, meaning the Senate could pass it without a vote, through a procedure called “hotlining.” The resolution could not be “hotlined,” however, because of Democratic objections to the statements listed above.

Until Democrats lift their objections, or the resolution is modified, it remains in limbo.

Clinging to her faith as photo op... Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, is taking the Papal Bull by the horns and is planning a press conference to comment on the Pope's visit (this ought to be a lulu)and to keep the President (ergo the Republicans) having a monopoly on him.

Another example of their Religion of jerkdom can be found here: Pope should start "spiritual renewal" with Bisexual God. (Warning: HuffPo material)