Monday, June 30, 2008

Just in case you were wondering where our pervy little friends hail from...

Palestine and Kuwait. Shocka!

Exhibit A: Perv #1

IP Address range:
Country: Palestinian Territory
State/Region: 00
City: Nablus
Latitude: 32.2211
Longitude: 35.2544

Exhibit B: Perv#2
IP Address:
Country: Kuwait
State/Region: 02
City: Bayan
Latitude: 29.3181
Longitude: 48.0392

The little Islamosmut boys who have been leaving their scat in the comments section sure seem to be living and breathing proof that marrying your cousin will mess you up, no?


In Palestine, first cousin marriages are "widely practiced" with rates of total consanguinity reaching 45% of all marriages in 2004.

The incidence of consanguinity is 54.3% among Kuwaiti natives and higher among Bedouins which make up 40% of the Kuwaiti population.

I rest my case.