Wednesday, July 09, 2008

About that attack in Turkey

6 killed in 'unprofessional attack.

"May" have been Islamic extremists. Gee, ya think?

An eight-minute firefight erupted when armed men jumped out of a white or grey car around 11 a.m. local time (8:00 GMT) and began shooting at police guarding the consulate, also firing at the building. Security sources said the dead attackers, who used pistols and rifles, were Turkish nationals, as eyewitnesses who spoke to the media implied they may have been Islamic extremists, describing one of the assailants as being "bearded."

Commentators say the attack was clearly "unprofessional" and not well-planned, but may have been carried out by individuals sympathetic to al-Qaida or, at best, angry at the United States.

These pundits say the gunmen had come on a "suicide mission" because they continued to fire at the guards until they were killed, seeking to send a message that U.S. interests in Turkey, as well as those who protect them, are now threatened.

Hmm. Suicide mission. Let me think now. Who on earth conducts suicide missions as part of their religious devotions???