Thursday, July 17, 2008

Denmark: The case of The Pedophile Highwayman

Remember the Greenlanders of Denmark and how they were being chased by Muslims from their homes in Gellerup?

Some want to categorize this attempt at ethnic scrubbing by the Islamos as 'old news' and sweep it under the rug. Such good, little dhimmis we have over there in Denmark.

Well, SIOE is reporting that not everyone is being a good, little dhimmi.

A nameless resistance group has taken responsibility for the action. There were banners hung up along the motorway in Denmark saying “stop Islamic racism” and “stop Islamic racism, long live Greenland.” Mohammed has also been hanged on lamposts around the country with signs hung around his neck with inscriptions like “pedophile highwayman.”

The editors received these images with the wording:

“Here are the first pictures from our action on Zealand. We send the other images from Funen and Jutland and the rest of Zealand in the next few days. Our action will continue until the Islamic Religious Affairs controls the racists in Gellerup, allows Greenlanders to come back, treats them properly and gives each of them a personal apology. We will continue to hang muhammed until this happens."

Hmm. Wonder what will happen next?