Monday, July 07, 2008

Iran: Artists and athletes banned from commercials

Their Iranian counterparts get jammed by the oh-let's-do-talk-to-them-let's Iranian regime and there's still nary a peep out of Hollywood. Guess this means the Iranians won't be buying ad time on MuslimTV anytime soon.

Iranian artists and athletes have been banned from appearing in commercials because they are said to promote a culture of consumerism, according to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The measure was announced on Monday and reported by Iran's official news agency Irna."

All those working in cultural activities (actors and artists) as well as athletes are sources of national honour and dignity and should not be used as means to promote the culture of consumerism," said Ali Reza Karimi, director of the ministry's press and information department.

Karimi said based on current laws, making use of any form of national, sports and cultural figures' image in commercials is forbidden. Moreover, Karimi said the ban included the use of Iranian athletes, actors and artists with overseas Farsi language satellite networks. He urged Iran's sport federations and artists to respect the ruling to safeguard what he calls national dignity.