Friday, July 11, 2008

Journey Inside the Taliban

Briton's dangerous secret meeting with the warlords who will never surrender

The Taliban, I learned, have a saying: 'You may have the watches, but we have the time.'

Hey, Mohammed. We got the air power. But seriously, who does their laundry? Don't these guys look well laundered for members of the Taliban militia??? Look at their snowy white turbans and immaculately pressed Taliban wear. I smell staged photo op.

Whatever, it just ends us being a huge, sloppy wet kiss to the Taliban by a Daily Mail reporter. What a symp. I knew we were in moonbat territory when I read this.

I wondered, too. Did men this brave and this resourceful really conform to the Western stereotype of small-minded, mad-eyed extremists? They sounded far more formidable than that. That's why I went to Afghanistan in February last year, three months after the siege of Now Zad was lifted, with the specific intention of meeting them.

There's way more. Read it all. And ask yourself, who does the laundry?