Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lifestyles of the Rich and Terrorist.

Abu Qatada, Al Qaeda's ambassador in Europe, strolls along a busy London street fondling his prayer beads.

This picture is an affront to all victims of terrorism and their families.

This is the first photograph of the greying 47-year-old, said to be one of the world's most dangerous terrorist suspects, since he was released on bail from a high-security prison after the courts ordered that he could not be sent home to Jordan because his human rights would have been breached.

It was taken on July 7, hours after the families and friends of the 52 innocent people killed in the London transport suicide bombings three years ago remembered their loved ones at a memorial service.

£800,000 home, a life on benefits, no wonder Al Qaeda ambassador Abu Qatada's smiling.

About those benefits:

Then there are the handouts - he receives an estimated £150 a week in incapacity benefit while his 45-year-old wife is said to be entitled to child benefits, income support, housing and council tax credits which exceed £800 each week.

According to experts, the benefits are broken down into £499.62 in housing and £81.55for four of the family's children who are under 18.

The family is also said to pick up around £210 in income support - a slightly lower figure than usual because of Qatada's incapacity benefit payment.

Of the five children, only those aged 17,14, nine and six are eligible for the child benefit payments. Their oldest, who is 19, is not entitled to a handout.

The couple are exempt from paying the £2,283 yearly council tax bill on their home - it is picked up by the authorities. Currently, similar properties in the same road as Qatada are being leased for £620 a week.