Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Natives are Restless.

Palestinians at the Gate. Welcome my brothers! Egypt greets their rock-throwing Palestinian brethren with water cannons. Now, that's Islamic brotherhood for you!

Bulldozer Jihad in Jerusalem. A Palestinian terrorist drives his dozer into a bus and several cars, killing three and wounding dozens before an off duty Israeli cop crawled up in the cab and shot him in the head. 'Imad Mughniyeh-Ahrar al-Jalil', an armed militant Pali group has claimed credit for the attack.

5 dead in Mongolian Riots. 710 people are detained in clashes with the police. "Preliminary results of the elections gave a parliamentary majority to the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, the successor to the country’s Communist Party, which dominated the nation when it was a puppet of the Soviet Union. The opposition Democratic Party rejected the election results but disavowed the violence, Reuters reported."

Islamist group sends threatening letters to churches in Mosul. How very Religion of Peace of them.... "The letter sent by The Batallion of Just Punishment, Jihad Base in Mesopotamia includes this: "We caution and warn anyone who tries to rob us through dealings with the Americans or through the spreading of American forces and/or police to protect the Holy Shrines in the Islamic Republic of Iraq, that these shrines would remain target of the freedom fighters," The letter also refers to the Assyrian Christians as dhimmis.

Danish church starts paying the jizya in Moslem protection scheme. (H/t Sheik yer Mami) ..."the Muslim fellow citizens in the vicinity of Arhus attack not only the Kalaallit, but increasingly also Christians. For a long time the church didn’t know what to do, but now the church employs two Muslim fellow citizens as “bodyguards” to protect the church from vandalism and church-goers vehicles. The church is delighted: Since the Muslims are paid for protecting Christians from fellow Muslims, by far not as many churchgoers cars were damaged, nor was the church vandalized or Christians attacked in the vicinity of the church."

Don't mess with Chad, dudes. Chadian troops kill "sect disciples" who threatened to start a 'holy war'. (Read 'Islamists' for sect disciples, and 'holy war' means the jihad, possums. It is the BBC after all.) "Security Minister Ahmat Mahamat Bachir said the death toll was "regrettable". The little-known spiritual leader had declared he was ready to fight to restore what he saw as the true Islamic faith in Chad, officials said. The fighting at Kouno, 300km (185 miles) south-east of the capital, N'Djamena, reportedly broke out when they tried to stop him preaching. "It's a regrettable toll, but we think we now control the situation caused by the actions carried out by these terrorists, these extremists," Reuters news agency quoted Mr Bachir as saying.