Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pakistan: It ain't pretty...

The Islamic Jihad: Trying to bomb hussies out of existence. One make-up shop at a time. A bomb in a women's makeup shop kills a child, injures 6. Maulana Fazl Ullah's media tour continues and threatens to unleash suicide bombers if military action recommences against him.

Incidents of violence have increased in Swat valley in recent weeks despite a peace deal between the local Taliban and the government in May.Police say that up-to 50 girls schools, government buildings and music shops have been blown up or burnt in Swat valley in a month.The head of Tehrik-e-Taliban, Maulana Fazl Ullah has threatened that they will resist strongly if any operation will be started in Swat.Talking to media men in the higher zones of Tehsil Mata, Maulana Fazl Ullah blamed the NWFP government talking in the tone of America and supporting US policies as well. When security forces target the homes of Taliban then in reward we target the government owned buildings. We are not satisfied of the peace agreement with the provincial government because the provincial government did not honor its early promises”, he said.He further claimed that Taliban were agreeing for peace talks every time but if government wanted to fight then we are ready for this.

Yadda-yadda-yadda. More calls for "dialogue" with killers.

PML-N Central Finance Secretary and former MNA Muhammad Pervez Malik has said all disputes can be sorted out through dialogues and mere use of brute force never lead to resolution of problems. In a statement here on Thursday, he said, “Agreement among leaders of ruling coalition to find negotiated settlement of FATA issue rather than going for military operation is good for the country.” He said terrorism cannot be eliminated with use of force adding “The policy of dialogue is the best way to find solution of problems.”

The real problem? In his dialogue with the Taliban, the new Army Chief of Staff, General Kiyani is cutting deals left and right. And the Pak government is responding in Nancy Pelosi - Harry Reid fashion...

While Pervez Musharraf, the old soldier, is fading slowly away, new Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ashfaq Kayani is said to be quietly cutting deal after deal with al-Qaeda linked militants, whose safe haven is growing beyond the tribal regions. And the still-green civilian government of Prime Minister Gilani is all but powerless to interfere. The result is that militant and terrorist groups, feeling almost cozy in their newly secured territory, are mounting a fresh military and propaganda campaign and establishing a breathing space from which to plot future acts of terror.

Mr. Gilani arrives in Washington. (I personally think a trip to the woodshed might be in order for Mr. Gilani.) Mr. Gilani has other ideas:

U.S. legislators "should be patient with the new government for a year or so and see if it is able to translate its ideas into actions," he said.

Hangu Awakening?

8 tribes agree not to shelter Taliban.
Eight tribes of Hangu district on Saturday decided not to provide shelter to the Taliban or any other militant outfit and to co-operate with the government, reported BBC Urdu. According to the BBC, the decision was made at a jirga held at the office of the Hangu district co-ordination officer and attended by representatives from numerous tribes. Talking to the BBC, Darsamand Union Council Nazim Malik Jaleelur Rehman said all the tribes had agreed against providing shelter to members of militant outfits. He said it had been decided that every tribe would be responsible for maintaining law and order in its area, and also to extend co-operation to the government if required. He said the jirga had also demanded the government maintain law and order on GT Road.

Musharraf says, forget that. Musharraf may sack government.

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf may use Article 58-2 (B) of the Constitution to sack the elected government, Opposition leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has said. "If the government fails to improve law and order as well as the country’s economy, the President may use the Article 58-2 (B) to dissolve the Assemblies and send the government home," Mr Elahi, who recently met the President, said. He said the present government has failed to tackle the challenges facing the country. "President Musharraf is concerned about the unstable political situation, economic condition and law and order in the country. The President may have to use 58-2(B) if the situation persists," Mr Elahi told a Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) meeting on Saturday in Lahore.

Push-me, pull you with Pakistan's intelligence agency. Confusion reigns:

ISI put under control of Interior Ministry for "better coordination.


Maybe not.

Like I said, it's not very pretty.