Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poor Geert! Even his own party members ratted him out

After hearing that they might be under threat they got so afraid for their OWN safety, they informed on him.

PVV - MPs informed Government about Wilders' film Fitna.

Three MPs of Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) secretly informed the National Anti-terrorism Coordinator (NCTb) of the contents of Wilders' anti-Islam film Fitna prior to its publication. Wilders did not know this, Elsevier weekly magazine reports.

On 4 March, NCTb chief Tjibbe Joustra and the National Coordinator of Guarding and Security, Arjen Jonge Vos, had a meeting on Fitna with Wilders and his PVV MPs. At it, the MPs were warned about the consequences of the film for their personal safety, even though Joustra and Jonge Vos at that moment did not know what Fitna would show.

Three PVV MPs were so disquieted by that meeting that they afterwards asked for personal protection. To give their request some clout, they spilled the beans about the contents of Fitna, according to Elsevier.

Elsevier bases its report on a "source close to the top of the security services". According to the source, the three PVV MPs went to NCTb chief Tjibbe Joustra independently of one another with the message that the contents of Fitna would be explosive. This happened shortly before the film appeared on the Internet on 27 March.

The source cited what the PVV MPs told: "The controversial cartoon of Mohammed, with the Prophet wearing a turban with a lighted fuse, will be shown. Wilders wants to show the turban exploding and the Prophet being destroyed by his turban bomb. He also wants to cut the Koran up in pieces and burn it in an open fire."

The film was speedily brought out via the Internet after this. But the Koran is not cut into pieces or burned in an open fire in it. In April, the government claimed that Wilders changed the film at the last minute, saying he had informed the NCTB about the contents already at the end of 2007. Wilders empathically denied this and accused the government of lies.

According to Elsevier the information from the three PVV MPs was enshrined in a document only known to an extremely small circle. To confirm this, Elsevier gained access to a document distributed to a slightly bigger circle with a chronology of the crisis, according to the magazine.

The names of the three PVV MPs are not known to Elsevier.

This is the first time that the PVV has appeared to have internal dissention.

In a reaction, Wilders says he knows nothing about the alleged actions of his colleagues, but would very much like to know which MPs they are supposed to be.

I would too.