Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Somalia: Aid Workers now being targeted

by the Religion of Peace.

Ominous leaflets recently surfaced on the bullet-pocked streets of Mogadishu, Somalia's ruin of a capital, calling aid workers "infidels" and warning them that they will be methodically hunted down. Since January, at least 20 aid workers have been killed, more than in any year in recent memory. Still others have been abducted....

The attacks on aid workers – including Westerners, Somalis working for Western organizations and Somalis working for local groups – have escalated this month. Two weeks ago a high-ranking UN official was shot as he stepped out of a mosque. Last Sunday, a trucking agent in charge of transporting emergency rations was killed. On Thursday, three elders who were helping local aid workers distribute food at a displaced persons camp were shot and killed.

In response, the United Nations is withdrawing some employees from dangerous urban areas and cutting back on operations across the country.