Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Spain: 3 "alleged Islamists" with AQ links nabbed

They were the money guys, too.

The three alleged terrorists were accused of funding insurgency movements in Iraq, Pakistan, Algeria and Iran. The suspects were arrested in separate raids in the city of Azkoitia in the Guipuzcoa province in northern Spain and the city of Lepe in the Huelva province in the southwest of the country.

They allegedly sent money to various bank accounts in different countries, in order to fund insurgency movements as well as to recruit new members.

The money raised by the suspected Islamists was obtained through the sale of counterfeit items such as clothes and documents.

The police reportedly said that the money transfers go back as far as 2001. It was difficult for police authorities to trace the transfers which were made in a small amounts, with the largest transfer a maximum of 2,400 euros.