Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Tabloid trash and full of lies."

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John Edwards responds to last night's National Enquirer reports of his Baby Mama Drama at the Beverly Hilton.

Thanks to Breitbart we can hear him not actually deny the report.

Update: And those intrepid mateys over at DBKP are just full of juicy details about the incident and are also reporting that there is now one mainstream news outlet preparing to run with the story. Funny, the blogosphere was buzzing about it last night. I thought for sure they would be all over it TODAY. Just like Rush Limbaugh and his pill problem.

Update: There's more!
DBKP now has an interview with National Enquirer editor-in chief, David Perel up - and it's a doozy!

Update: The story still perks with the observation of Mickey Kaus over at Slate that the MSM, with their media blackout of the story is engaged in a Protect Elizabeth = Protect John as Obama's AG operation.

Update: It looks like the LA Times has been the first to hold it's nose and jump in the pool -on their op-ed page.