Thursday, July 10, 2008

Turkey: 4 detained after attack on US consul

"Right now, there are four people under custody,"

Besir Atalay, the Turkish interior minister, said in front of the Istanbul Security Forces Headquarters. "Three of them are in Istanbul, and the fourth one was brought from outside Istanbul."

Several Turkish news outlets have speculated about Al Qaeda involvement in the attack and there are claims that at least one gunmen received armed training in Afghanistan.

NTV, a private news television, claimed that Erkan Kargin, 26, one of the gunmen who was killed at the consulate, had been sentenced for his membership in IBDA-C, an illegal fundamentalist group here.

The two other assailants, Bulent Cinar, 23, and Raif Topcil, lived on the same street in Istanbul, and the police confiscated a number of publications and documents with unidentified religious content at their apartments, the same report said.

Hmmm. "Unidentified religious content"... suicide attacks ... illegal fundamentalist group ...

Now, who the heck could that be?