Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Denver: Man with cyanide stash found dead in hotel

<-The Burnsley Hotel.

Update - and continuing with today's "Threaten a Kafir Day" theme: Kill them, kill them, kill them, that is my massage!

Tip of the bitter almond massage oil bottle to LGF. Is this blog comment threatening Somali Christians from the dead guy?

"Please don’t talk shit , that man deserves what happened to him , simply because having the bible in one hand , and a bread in the other hand , is not a correct thing ,! Kill Them , Kill them , Kill them , that is my massage,!"

Dead Man found in Denver hotel with possible cyanide stash: H/T LGF.

Make that "apparent" cyanide. The tests are still out.

His name? "Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29", and he "appears to be from outside the U.S. No passport was found on Dirie, who is believed to have entered the country from Canada."


Of course, the authorities are quick to reassure us all that:

"that nothing so far has been found to link the case to terrorism"

He is apparently from Ottawa, Canada. And was a black male, according to this report.

About the Burnsley Hotel:

Gracious and inviting, the Burnsley Hotel offers the charming intimacy of a European-style inn - uniquely set in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado. Rich in history and luxury, each suite of this distinct hotel in downtown Denver offers an environment of comfortable elegance.

Bet John Edwards wishes he had met up with his Baby Mama at the Burnsley and not the Bev Hills Hilton...

Jason Ford, general manager of the 17-story Burnsley hotel, said Tuesday he had no comment on Dirie or how long he had stayed at the hotel.

"We always protect the privacy of all our guests," he said.